How to Know if we are Unfaithful Through The Tarot

The Tarot, as a divination instrument, is a completely useful and valid method for questions related to love. However, when a person has doubts and decides to take the step of “wanting to know”, he must be clear that maybe what he hears is not what he expected. Nothing is more changeable and changeable than the world of feelings and infidelity.

We must be prepared, therefore, for what the letters predict about our partner and their relationship with us. Sometimes it happens that, in such a way we can come to love and love, that love itself blinds our eyes and our understanding. 

It will be necessary, therefore, to open them and to know to what degree we are reciprocated. Depending on our desire to know and the deepening that the person who handles and interprets the Tarot Arcana, we can know more or less details through the letters.

Detecting infidelity through letters is not too difficult. However, there are different combinations that will give us a confirmation or denial, although at this point it should be noted that these combinations and especially their ultimate meaning, can vary if the question is male or female or if we are asked by your male or female partner.

How to Know if we are Unfaithful Through The Tarot

There are certain cards in the Tarot that are symptomatic of deceit or lie in the couple. As an example, we will mention, for example, the suit of swords. In particular, the ten of swords is linked to the deception in the couple. Many compare this Lesser Arcana with a stab in the back; since it comes to denote events that escape our own will and that will cause great pain.

This time we will mention some Major Arcana, such as the Devil, which denotes, if we ask for our partner, that this one could surrender to the pleasure and the most carnal instincts with a third person. The priestess, for example, is by antonomasia the symbol of a lover by herself, indicates the presence of someone attractive to our partner.

It will be worth taking into account, also, the appearance of according to what elements are inverted. In this sense, we should be careful with letters of an ostensibly positive nature that change their interpretation when they appear upside down.

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In the case at hand, we can mention, as regards the Major Arcana of our Tarot, figures such as the inverted Wizard, who comes to warn us of the negative intentions of someone we perhaps trust or, on the same line of the Moon inverted, who is guarantor of secrets rather buried.

On the other hand, in times of uncertainty or suspicion or perhaps just to know the future of our love life and our partner is highly recommended to know what the cards of the Tarot prevent us; because, thanks to your information, however painful it may be, we can be prepared for the contingencies that the future holds for us and act in one way or another.

There are even multiple testimonies of people who have saved their relationship as a couple thanks to the reading of the letters since they knew of the existence of third parties with unlawful intentions, a fact that has allowed many couples to be prepared and prepared for such acts of seduction.

The Tarot is, in essence, an interpretation of the multiple possibilities that hover over us in a more or less short time, the Tarot can not change the present, but if we prevent ourselves from changing the future, that is why it is so essential the consultation of the Tarot in according to what more or less important moments of our life as it can be the possible existence of an infidelity.

How to Know if we are Unfaithful Through The Tarot
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