You Know How to Use the Tarot Cards in Yourself ?

The Tarot is an excellent instrument of divination, which helps to synchronize the consultant with the operator in order to see into the future and the unknown. The Tarot adapts perfectly to read the future to itself, in this case, the consultant and the operator are the same person….

How to Use the Tarot Cards

How to Use the Tarot Cards in Traditional Practice

A Tarot reading always begins with mixing the cards and concentrating on the question you want to ask. In the choice of cards comes into play what we commonly call “chance”. This is where the situation and the question is reflected. The Tarot functions as a mirror that sends an image of the situation and the question being asked.

The cards are “flipped” according to a pre-selected strategy. For example, 3 arcanes for a basic die roll (past, present, future), the Celtic cross, the horseshoe, etc.

Each card is interpreted in order and according to its relative position on the die roll. There, the relations between the cards must be established according to their position. Individually each card has a particular meaning but it changes its appearance according to the relative position, that is, according to the other cards surrounding it.

Frequently this meaning is apparently contradictory, so a rigorous analysis and the finest possible evaluation is necessary. This is where the Tarot consultant’s ability and skill comes into play. The correct interpretation depends on it.

Do predictions always come true?

To consider that the predictions will be made automatically is a habitual error and it is an ignorance of the nature of the Tarot in the same way that, for example, a death of Arcanum 13 could be naively inferred.

It has already been said that Tarot images are often shocking and should not be read according to their immediate significance. The predictions of the Tarot (like all oracles) are not always made in a systematic way.

For a number of reasons, among them, the most frequent are: the erroneous interpretation of a letter that does not refer directly to the matter in question, but to something else, and the modification of the circumstance involved in the reading. This can radically change the interpretation and consequently alter the correct result of the consultation.

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This type of incident occurs especially when the letters prevent and predict a difficult problem, drawing attention to an unknown future event, predicting measures to prevent it or indicating the most suitable actions to resolve it. If one could not change the determinism of the announced destiny, what is the point of reading the future?

The influence of mood on reading and interpretation

Like a mirror the Tarot sends images that reflect situations. In other words, the tendency to reflect moods and feelings present at the time of reading is an element that should not be disregarded or ignored. In any case, it is preferable not to consult the Tarot at troubled times or when you are subjected to strong feelings or moods altered or disharmonized. The Tarot will only reflect the circumstances of the respective moment.

Too frequent visits should be avoided

Too frequent consultation of the Tarot for divinatory purposes should be avoided, especially if the questions do not change. In fact, it should only be consulted once for a particular issue and repeat the question only when the circumstance of the event in question has changed in a reasonable way to justify a new consultation.

The oracle functions as such only when it is respected, that is, when one follows the prediction by acting in a consistent manner and following its indications and advice. If the same question is always asked of an oracle, the answers will soon lose meaning, confusion and anxiety will increase. The Tarot must be treated with respect if it is to function properly and provide good and correct readings.

You Know How to Use the Tarot Cards in Yourself ?
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