Practical Tips On How To Shuffle Tarot Cards Correctly

When we talk about how to shuffle Tarot cards, we must be clear that it is not only a mechanical act, we are also talking about an internal preparation. It’s more than if I mix it up this way or that way. If the act of shuffling the cards is not accompanied by a good internal attitude, it doesn’t matter how we shuffle.

Practical Tips On How To Shuffle Tarot Cards Correctly The act of shuffling the cards has an external and visible part, and another no less important part that is internal, which is the attitude and predisposition with which we shuffle.

In the tarot consultation the act of shuffling is key, because from this act will come out the cards that later we must interpret, hence the concerns of our consultant and we will have to look for the answers.

The timing of mixing the cards is a relevant moment that we should not take lightly or frivolously. When we have a person in front of us and we prepare to shuffle in order to be able to make a good tarot reading, we must first of all have a good inner predisposition and a good attitude:

  • Attitude of concentration to be able to respond clearly
  • Attitude of dedication to be able to understand and help without judging
  • Inside opening attitude to be open to signals
  • Internal listening attitude to connect with our intuition

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards the Right Way

As in any other area of life or path of knowledge there are certain guidelines that must be followed to the letter in order to do things correctly.

In the Tarot there is a mechanism to shuffle and spin the cards, this aspect can change depending on the Tarot roll, however there are general tendencies that are always repeated and in our blog we can not stop sharing them.

If we say that each thought, that each reaction of the Tarotist influences a circulation, it is obvious that the mechanisms of shuffling and presenting the cards also influence it. Before starting to shuffle the cards, they must be sorted all on the same side to mix them together.

This must be done both face up and face down, so it is the “chance “ itself that will be in charge of the position in which the cards come out.

In order for each of the Tarot Spins that you choose to make to be truly arbitrary, it is advisable for any Tarot player to leave the cards in the same position, so that all cards will be in the right position before each tarot roll, once this procedure is done you must select a small pile of the deck and turn it over, once completed with this step you must shuffle the cards at least twelve times.

how many times to shuffle tarot cards

In this way we will be achieving a true proportion to all cards in terms of their positioning, this allows the proportion of inverted cards to be even and in smaller proportion, so that the appearance of a turned card is exceptional.

The previous step is done so that the reading does not become confusing, a Tarot die roll with many inverted cards can confuse the Tarotist, if you see that many inverted cards come out it is important to repeat all the steps that we already share, it is a way to clean the deck in the die rolls.

We saw that it is very important the way to mix and shuffle the cards, now at the time of lifting and turning them also the mechanisms influence, it is important that the cards are turned sideways, this can be from left to right or inverted, but should never be done from top to bottom or vice versa.

This is done so as not to interfere with the right or wrong way out on the cards, an aspect that seems simple to reason but can easily be overlooked. It is this good disposition and inner attitude that will show us how to act.

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Beyond the way we shuffle the cards each of us has, if we have a good attitude and listen to our interior, there will be times when we feel that our consultant is the one who should shuffle, other times we will feel that it is better not to touch the cards.

That is why in addition to having our system “shuffle 7 times and cut with the left…” we must be attentive to our interior and this will only be achieved with a good attitude. I think everyone has to shuffle the way they feel most comfortable or comfortable, all manners are good if there is a good attitude.

And all the tarot players have been using different ways of shuffling cards, because they change and evolve personally and this is also reflected in their method of shuffling.

Before finishing, let’s remember the steps of the consultation that lead us to shuffle the cards:

  1. The first step in a consultation is for the question to be clear and appropriate. We understand it to be appropriate to be ethical.
  2. Once we have the question, we must choose the most appropriate reading and visualize it in our mind.
  3. We shuffle the cards with a good internal attitude, concentrating on the question and listening to our interior that will indicate us when we should stop shuffling, or if it has to cut or not, etc….
  4. We will place the cards according to the position diagram of the reading we have chosen.
  5. And then the performance will begin. I will explain the interpretation steps in another article.

All the ways to shuffle cards are good if they are accompanied by a good attitude. We are each one of us who must find our way, that method with which we feel safe and allows us to contact and flow well with our consultant.

Should The Tarot Cards Be Cut?

Just as in the previous section you should find the way to feel more comfortable, the better you are more fluid you will be.

  1. a) Shuffle and cut the consultant.
  2. b) Shuffle the tarotist and cut the consultant.
  3. c) Shuffle and cut the tarotist.
  4. d) Shuffle the consultant and the tarotist and cut the consultant.

How To Save The Cards?

Tradition tells us that the letters must be kept in a natural cloth (flax, cotton, silk…) and psychic (blue, lilac…). It also tells us that we have to keep the letters in a wooden box.

As we have already said we are a modern school and believe that letters should be kept with respect and affection, what is not worth it is to have the cards in your bag loose in any way or in the kitchen thrown away.

Like anything we care about, they deserve respect. But we prefer that you choose. There are people who make themselves a bag, and others who like sequins and buy a bag with sequins, just to give 2 examples.

Normally you will have more than one deck of cards, so you can store them in a little box at home and keep them in a bag in your purse, for example. “If we love and respect the Tarot, the Tarot will always answer us.”

Practical Tips On How To Shuffle Tarot Cards Correctly
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