How To Cleanse Tarot Cards To Eliminate Negative Energies Correctly

You want to know how to cleanse tarot cards? Well, I’ll tell you there are a lot of methods, as many as we want. What we have to be clear, and most importantly, is that we have to be aware of why the operation is taking place and why we use the elements.

how to properly cleanse tarot cards

From here (knowing the whys and wherefores), we ourselves can design our method of cleansing, loading and consecration.

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards – Load Them And Construct Them Easily

Cleaning the cards

Warning: NEVER USE WATER OR ANY OTHER LIQUID EVEN IF IT IS A WET COTTON, as this may damage the cards.

Method 1

We place the cards face down, either extended or in a pile, in the moonlight, preferably in their decreasing or waning phase.

Meaning of the operation: Turning the cards upside down causes the energies to go towards the earth absorbing them and the waning moon eliminates bad energies.

Visualization work: We visualize how the moonlight penetrates the cards cleaning them of bad energies and how they are absorbed by the earth to the core.

Optional: We can use this method by opening the window or exposing the cards to the weather. Taking the wind as a precaution so that they don’t blow.

Method 2

Place the deck of cards, stretched or stacked and light a black or white candle, or both.

Meaning of the operation: The white candle is related to the fire element and is useful for all types of cleaning. Although we can use them for many more things because white contains all the colors. The black candle serves to remove bad energies. I recommend the white candle more than the black one.

Visualization work: We visualize how the bad energies of the cards burn in the candle flame.

Method 3

We place the tarot deck with an amethyst or quartz in its defect.

Meaning of the operation: Amethyst is related to the earth element and serves to remove negative energies and transmute them into positive ones. Quartz has unlimited use, and is also used for cleaning.

Visualization work: We visualize how amethyst impregnates the cards with its energy (preferably purple) and transmutes them into positive energy, clearing them of all negativity.

Optional: This method can be used in conjunction with the two above.

Method 4

We strain our deck with incense, preferably sandalwood.

Meaning of the operation: Incense is related to the element air, and serves to raise the vibration of the cards and thus eliminate bad energies.

Visualization work: We visualize how the smoke of incense permeates the cards, cleaning it of all negative energy.

Optional: This method can be used in conjunction with the above.

Method 5

We put our deck next to a glass of salt water. When cleaning is complete, discard the contents of the glass.

Meaning of the operation: Salt water purifies, and therefore serves for cleaning at different levels.

Visualization work: We visualize how the bad energies of the cards go into the water with salt being retained there these energies and feeling like the cards are clean.

Optional: This method can be used in conjunction with the above.

Method 6

As mentioned above, we can combine one method with another. One possible example might be the following.

We place the deck of cards face down, in the phase of the decreasing moon, using all the elements. An amethyst corresponding to the earth element, incense corresponding to the air, a glass of water with salt corresponding to the water element and a candle corresponding to the fire element.

We visualize how all the elements act on the cards by cleaning them and eliminating negative energies.

When we are performing the cleansing we will say the following (it can be modified to each one’s taste):”I expel the bad energies that are found in the Tarot, so that it is thus purified”.

Recommendations when cleaning: Before cleaning the tarot cards, it is recommended that we clean ourselves, so we are prepared to the intention of cleaning and a cleanliness is not bad either. It is also advisable to take into account the correspondence of the element and its cardinal point.

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How often Is Card Cleaning Necessary?

how to cleanse used tarot cards

If they don’t do it and use it to learn or to fuck friends, that is, little, they need to clean them from time to time. It will depend on their use.

If one day you throw them at someone who releases a lot of negative energies, cleanse them when that person comes out. It is not good for your energies to remain in your letters and at home.

Of course, if they are dedicated to this and have several consultations a day, they have to be cleaned every day, although I imagine that if they are professionals they already know.

How To Load Tarot Cards

cleanse tarot cards full moon

As with cleaning, there are different methods. The important thing is to know why we use one element or another, and as always, to our liking. We can use the methods outlined above in reverse, that is, if we work with only one element, for example a white candle. We will visualize how the flame envelops the cards with all its energy.

Method 1

We place the cards, stretched or in a stack face up in the moonlight. If we had to choose a phase, it could be the full moon.

Meaning of the operation: The full moon phase is best for boosting intuition, and extrasensory perceptions.

Visualization work: We visualize how the moonlight permeates the cards with all its energy.

Method 2

We place the cards, spread them out or in a pile. We light a white candle, sandalwood incense, a stone that favors intuition or quartz and a glass of water.

Meaning of the operation: The four elements explained above are present.

Visualization work: First, we pass each card through the smoke of incense and visualize/feel how it is impregnated with its energy. Then, we visualize how each element loads the cards with the energy they release.

We can use a phrase like this: “Let the Tarot be loaded for each element (we can name them if we wish)” another option “By the light of the Moon (or another element we have used) my Tarot is loaded”.

Consecration of Tarot Cards

cleanse tarot cards of negativity

The goal of consecrating an object is to make it go from a normal, ordinary object to a magical object. Through consecration, it is empowered and transformed into a sacred object.

Therefore, we can dedicate our cards to a specific God or Goddess according to the tradition we follow or to the Universe. According to this we can do a little ritual or say some phrase like this: “I offer this Tarot deck to the Universe (or name the chosen deity) to empower it.”

If we do not have a system of Deities, we can consecrate it to the elements.

As general recommendations, I see it better to carry out each act on different days, to prepare ourselves with the corresponding intention.

Save Cards

After you have performed the following operations. We store the letters in a bag or cloth, preferably made of natural material such as cotton. The color can be the one of choice, many people use black, others white, blue, violet.

We can also store them in a wooden box with or without the cloth. The aim is that they should not be visible to others, since the Tarot deserves our respect and care like any other tool.

As personal advice, it would be ideal to have a drawer, a box, a closet where we would keep all our tools.

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards To Eliminate Negative Energies Correctly
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