The Gitano Method with Tarot

Lots of information in a single reading system that uses only seven cards

The reading of the tarot with the gypsy method uses only seven cards, arranged in a very simple way; you start from the left handing out the cards to form a ‘V’, four cards will be placed from the bottom up and the remaining three to fall down.

The Gitano method

The cards will be read individually so that each one acquires a concrete meaning.

The first card refers to the home environment of the consultant and to all the issues that surround it, material assets, possible removals, renovations and purchases.

The second card indicates the various external influences, concerns and concerns of the consultant at the time of the consultation.

The third card is related to everything related to love, friendship, romantic relationships, but often can provide information on enemy people.

The fourth card represents the hopes of the consultant, and refers to what he desires and the goals he intends to achieve.

The fifth paper analyzes the contingencies that will find along its path, which will hinder the achievement of his dreams.

The sixth card is directly related to the important events, possibilities and probabilities that occur.

Finally the seventh indicates the positive influences that the consultant will have to exploit and use to realize his dreams.

The Gitano Method with Tarot
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