Interpretation of Tarot with the Astrological Method

A complete way to deepen situations of love, work or money

Also known as the ‘ Star Oracle ‘, the astrological method is one of the most complete means of interpretation that exists. It allows to deepen the most intimate and hidden aspects of the life of the consultant and of everything that surrounds him.

The astrological method

It offers specific advice for each of the topics covered and for this reason it is considered an excellent means of meditation and reflection.

This method of interpretation gives the possibility of obtaining an in-depth consultation on different topics, such as work, love, business, etc. It will be sufficient for the consultant to focus on the problem he / she wants to solve, on a general level, on his / her future and related events.

The cards will be distributed on the table in a circular and counter-clockwise direction to form 12 piles, placing the first deck at 9 o’clock.

The fortune teller will raise the first card of each deck, and separate the rest of the cards by mixing them again so that the first one, the one on top of the new deck, is placed in the center of the circle that is formed, and will be the Signer (the consultant).

After having distributed the cards, each of them will be in tune with an astrological house, harmonizing with a zodiacal sign. To interpret them correctly it will always be necessary to take into account what characterizes the houses.

HOME 1. It is the house of Aries; represents the consultant and his present, his problems looming at this stage of his life.

HOUSE 2. It is the house of Taurus; indicates the money and its repercussions on the consultant.

HOUSE 3. It is the Gemini house; it represents travels, both for business and pleasure, and everything related to communication with partners or work colleagues.

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HOUSE 4. It is the house of Cancer; it represents everything that surrounds the consultant’s family and the closest friends.

HOUSE 5. It is the Lion’s house; it is here that the most forbidden pleas and secret ambitions are born.

HOUSE 6. It is the house of the Virgin; it always refers to the health of the consultant, which involves all human aspects, from diseases to states of stress.

HOUSE 7. It is the home of Libra; its main components are aspects related to feelings, friendships, marriage and all kinds of more intimate companies.

HOUSE 8. It is the home of the Scorpio; refers to the inheritances, gifts and diseases that affect the people around the consultant.

HOUSE 9. It is the home of Sagittarius; it represents the philosophy, the dreams and the illusions that involve the world of the consultant. It can also refer to business and work projects.

HOUSE 10. It is the house of Capricorn; affects the professional and business field in which the career or life of the consultant develops.

HOUSE 11. It is the home of the Aquarium; indicates the friendships and commitments undertaken in all aspects of life, other than the working ones.

HOUSE 12. It is the home of Pisces; like the Lion’s house, it refers to all that is related to the consultant’s internal concerns.

Interpretation of Tarot with the Astrological Method
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