How Pendulum Reading Are Conducted And How To Use A Pendulum

Pendulum readings are done with a weighted object that is attached, or tied onto a string. The object can be made of wood, or gold, or any metal, you can even use glass objects. The shape of the object should be so that it comes to a point on the bottom, but if it does not the Pendy can still function accurately.

The rope that the object is attached to can be nylon, or cotton, or twine, or even ribbon, or cord. These items are extremely flexible in the materials they are crafted.

How Pendulum Reading Are Conducted And How To Use A Pendulum

Pendulum Reading-How To Use A Pendulum

You do not have to be an experienced or skilled psychic to do a pendulum reading. All you basically need to know is that you have to keep your mind clear and your ego put away. The more practiced the person is at using a pendy the more accurate the reading will be.

To have a successful pendulum reading the person that is using the item must be completely relaxed and clear their mind of any preconceived notions they might have on what the answer should be to the question they are asking.

The mind of the person that is holding the pendy needs to be completely neutral. This person should also be unemotional about the questions that are being asked. It is very easy for you to create subjective desires that change the results.

The questions that are asked must be asked in a way that the answer will either be yes or no. You cannot ask the pendy “will I have a boy or a girl?” You must ask “will I have a boy?’ then wait for the answer before asking “will I have a girl.”

The spirit is what influences your subconscious mind and provides you with answers to things that you need to know. Your subconscious mind is what drives the pendy when you ask it a yes or no question. So you are really obtaining information that you already know the answer to but you need to let the answer be revealed truthfully with no influence on your part.

The person that is using the pendy should make certain they are grounded. Be sure that you are comfortable so that you will not be fidgeting during the pendulum reading. Breathe deeply a few times before you begin so that you can clear your mind and calm yourself.

Next you will grasp the string between your thumb and either your forefinger or your middle finger on the same hand. Hold the item in the position that is the most comfortable for you. Now ask a sample question that the answer would be obvious to so that you can see what the vibration the pendy puts off when it is indicating a yes response feels like. Afterward proceed with the questions you want answers to.

How Pendulum Reading Are Conducted And How To Use A Pendulum
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