Are Online Psychic Readings Real? The Truth About These Psychics

Online psychic readings have become increasingly popular as more and more people have turned to the Internet for its convenience and ready access to hundreds of qualified online psychic readers.

Online Psychic Readings

The Truth About Online Psychic Readings

While many people steadfastly refuse to believe that online psychic readings can be real, there are also many others who are true believers and consult online psychics on a regular basis. So who is right?

Before this question can be answered it is important to understand what motivates a person to consult an online psychic in the first place. Most people who consult online psychics have questions regarding their life paths.

These tend to be about such things as career, money, love, relationships or health. Some psychic readers, known as mediums, can also be helpful in connecting with deceased relatives or loved ones.

While these types of questions can be extremely important to the people asking them, the answers typically given during online psychic readings tend to be broad in nature, providing general guidance instead of specific “yes” or “no” types of answers.

Skeptics tend to have little patience for this type of ambiguity. In their minds a psychic reader can only be proven real if they can give them the next day’s winning lottery numbers or the name of the horse that will win the Kentucky Derby.

This point of view is certainly understandable. The fact is that it is impossible to absolutely prove that online psychic readings are real without the very specific types of answers that most skeptics demand.

However, if you ask people who regularly have online psychic readings whether or not they receive specific information, many will confirm that they in fact do. What is interesting though is that this specific information rarely tends to come from the psychic reader as a direct response to a question.

Instead what usually happens is that a psychic reader will suddenly volunteer the specific information during a reading without even being asked. This is often information the psychic reader could have no possible knowledge of such as the name of a deceased grandparent or the street someone once lived on as a child.

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If asked why and how this happens, most psychics claim that the information comes to them intuitively, sort of like a hunch or a feeling. What is amazing though is how often these seemingly random “hunches” do in fact provide really specific information that could not be possibly known by the psychic.

While psychic intuition may not be scientifically proven or explained, many former skeptics have become converts after witnessing first hand psychic predictions that have come true. One example are the many law enforcement agencies who now seek advice from some of the best psychics to help solve crimes or to find missing persons on a regular basis.

While each side believes what they do for their own reasons, the fact remains that most skeptics, if questioned, will admit that they have never had a real psychic reading. The people who have had them, on the other hand, tend to be overwhelming convinced that online psychic readings are both real and accurate.

So, while there is no solid evidence that real psychics exist, there is also no solid evidence that proves psychics are fake either. Given some of the extraordinary information psychics are able to provide, the subject is still open for debate.

For those who believe that online psychic readings aren’t real, they should at least be willing to challenge their skepticism by giving one a try. There’s no telling what they may find out.

Are Online Psychic Readings Real? The Truth About These Psychics
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