Clairsentience Uncovered-The Hidden Sixth Sense

What is clairsentience? This is the sixth sense that we all have heard so much about. Clairsentience is something that every person is born with, but as they grow people begin to develop walls to stop others from being able to hurt them emotionally and in essence they block their sixth sense.

Clairsentience Uncovered-The Hidden Sixth Sense

Clairsentience Uncovered-The Hidden Sixth Sense

When answering the question “what is clairsentience” you cannot help but want to remind people that this is what causes those little hairs on the back of your neck to stand up?

This is when you are walking along a path and you suddenly know that there is someone in the bushes even though you cannot see them, hear them, smell them, or touch them. You know of their presence as surely as you would if you could see them, hear them, smell them, or touch them.

There are psychic people who have the ability to see the aura that surrounds people. These people exhibit stronger episodes of clairsentience than most other people do. Some of the psychics can even hear, smell, or otherwise sense the spirits that are with us and they can even sense if the spirit is benevolent or an angry one.

There are those among us that can project their senses out to areas beyond their body. It gives them the ability to see around corners, for lack of a better term. They are able to use their five normal senses to pick up clues of other things that are a distance away from where their physical body is.

Most people who have this ability can communicate with spirits very well. They sense the presence of the spirit and can allow their senses to travel with the spirit for a short distance so the spirit can communicate more clearly what they need the psychic to understand.

Using this method of communication comes very naturally to some individuals and other individuals have the ability to make their clairsentience stronger and more capable of being accurate.

Practicing the use of this sixth sense will make you more aware of dangers that could be lurking behind every bush, and it could also make you more aware of opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Being psychic does not mean that you will get rich because you will always know the lottery numbers you should pick. Psychic abilities like a keen sixth sense can provide you with the means to have a happier life, but it will take some practice and commitment on your part to learn to use this extra sense.

You have to learn to trust your intuition, and trust your senses. When you think you smell smoke you have to get up and investigate even when your eyes tell you that nothing is there.

Clairsentience Uncovered-The Hidden Sixth Sense
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