What Is Psychic Reading? How To Learn And Develop It

Psychic reading allows a person’s soul to be channeled in order to obtain a deep communication with those spiritual beings who increase their levels of consciousness and who provide the necessary keys to continue with their personal evolution.


Characteristics such as authenticity, truthfulness and essence are fundamental aspects of the inner self that this psychic reading can help you to express.

Likewise, this reading provides you with both an explanation of your present and instructions beneficial to your future, allowing you to identify the source of your problems and help you overcome your fears, desires, decisions and motivations.

The reality in which we live is built on the basis of our beliefs and the way in which we perceive the world, so by changing them we transform our reality.

Although I can’t tell you what to ask, I recommend that when you attend the session, keep in mind some questions that you have prepared beforehand, because the clearer and more precise they are, the better the answer.

The nature of the questions can be varied:

  • Personal – Any problem related to your interpersonal relationships. Example: frequent discussions with partners, children, relatives or friends.
  • Health – Any question regarding a health problem. Example: neck pain, back pain or chronic inflammation.
  • Economic – Any problem that has to do with money Example: people, situations or things that prevent you from making money or keeping it, even hindering its movement.
  • Employment – Any doubt or problem concerning your professional development. Example: Difficulty in obtaining a promotion, better employment or dissatisfaction with your work situation.
  • Spiritual – Any questions or doubts you may have regarding your life journey or mission. Example: Know the identity and nature of those who will guide you in moving forward in your life.

How To Learn And Develop Psychic Reading

Psychic capacity refers to a person’s paranormal tendency to see, feel or understand beyond what is considered by default to be a realm, through increased consciousness based on extrasensory capacity.

Develop and channel the psychic capacity to understand and connect with people, situations, objects and feelings with a higher level of understanding. Use meditation exercises as a means of relieving your discomfort and developing the way you capture psychic messages and energies.

  1. Do a research on psychic tendencies you know, such as audience, feelings, intuition or visions to compare your experience with others. This allows him to understand and trust the information related to the potential of his psychic capacities. The openness of the spirit allows your brain to capture and refine its psychic capacities faster than if you were doubting them.
  2. Take courses such as yoga or tai chi, in which you are taught various meditation techniques, as well as helping you eliminate stress to stay in harmony with your body and spirit. Find a quiet place where you can meditate and concentrate long enough to release your spirit of distraction. This allows your brain to slowly move to a lower frequency so that your consciousness can channel the reception of energy and psychic thoughts.
  3. Observe a photo for one minute, then close your eyes and try to see all the details of the image. This practice helps you to better observe and take into account the world around you, reinforcing your ability to clairvoyance.
  4. Accept psychic abilities such as intuition, precognition, reading of the spirit and distance visualization. Start a diary in which you describe your psychic process so that you can check to see if your emotions or your predictions are fulfilled. Reinforcing your beliefs and abilities will give you more confidence, leading to more accurate readings.

Reading Of Energy Fields


Learning to read the aura has no trick and is as easy as reading a book because it is a discipline that is based simply on interpreting a person’s energetic fields. However, it should be borne in mind that having a good psychic balance as well as a good bonding capacity is essential for before, during and after starting to develop this discipline.

In order to carry out the reading of the aura or psychic reading it is necessary to have a great sensibility, which are acquired through the practice by means of exercises in which you try to perceive your own aura or that of another person.

Keep in mind that not being used to perceiving the colors and tones of the aura can be painful and even allergenic to your eyes at first, but over time your perception becomes more detailed and accurate, allowing you to get more information.

Work With The Energies Of The Universe

The first and therefore most important thing is to be able to see the aura you are going to read, for which you do not need to make a great effort or anything similar, you just need to know the main energy fields in general. You can start by working with the 4 elements and their attributes and analyzing the sensations they provoke in you.

To do so, take a candle, a pitcher of water, incense, and dirt, and then stay close to these objects for 5 minutes. You will begin to perceive, even through your senses, the strong energy that these objects emit.

You can also develop your perception through other methods such as meditation, which by exercising your senses allows you to better capture the energies by passing the palm of your hand over the elements. You can also train blindly using a pendulum, as a catalyst for your subconscious, to distinguish the elements found in a given place, for example a room, and then check to see if it is actually there.

Once you are able to detect these 4 energies without having to see them, you can move on to the next step of identifying planetary energies. You will use both cabal and astrology for this, since the connection and similarity between them will be very useful.


As we have already discussed the study of energies through reading the aura, we will now delve deeper into the energies that you use daily to perceive planetary energies.

To this end, note down every day of the planetary hour corresponding to the regent star of each day for a week and dedicate yourself to perceiving the link between the energies and their similarities. Example: mercury, wisdom, air, mathematics, cabal. Once you get this knowledge along with a moderate perception, move on to the next stage.

Learn To Detect Your Own Energy

The second stage: getting to know yourself. To be able to make a psychic reading, one must first know how the human being in general is constituted, since being able to read the energy of another person allows one to learn to recognize one’s own limits.

To begin at the inner level we can start by meditating regularly (daily would be best) and studying the energy of the 7 chakras that go from the root to the crown. This will help us to better understand their attributes, strengths, the nature of their energy, the elements to which they are associated, etc. If you already have experience in handling the chakras, you can then go further and study the secondary chakras.


Once you have understood and released your chakras, you can move on to the stage of subtle bodies. Start by studying the structure, use and functions of your astral body, continuing with your mental body. During meditation you can take enough time to experience how your own energy surrounds you and at the same time perceive the subtlety between the astral and the mental.

I do not recommend to beginners, especially the newer ones, to look for ways to work with their subtle bodies, especially if they do not have the habit of working with their own energy.

How Do You Then Read Each One Of Them?

There are many types and levels of energy reading which often depend on our way of life.

  • Physical: illness or other
  • Astral: emotional
  • Mental: psychic
  • Causal: capacity, potential, destiny

For example, in reading the physical field, a protective aura tends to naturally read the energy of the sick, thus perceiving (through other forms of perception) the illnesses of other people.

Just as we understand that a person who reads emotions is impossible for some strange reason to perceive the mental aspect, so anyone who perceives thoughts will not be able to grasp either the emotions or the cause of the event.

Indirectly, this exercise of reading the energies can lead to a kind of “clairvoyance”, which is not the reading of the “destiny” by means of the senses, since the medium does not read the akasha (this is what the seer does), but analyses the causal body of the other person since he shows all the possible ways in which his future can be developed according to the aspects of his causal body.

He also perceives the potential of each person, even though many obstacles such as the mental and emotional aspect, in addition to the environment in which he finds himself.

In this way, the reading of energies regroups several capacities such as empathy, telepathy, and causalopathy that are under the same relationship.

What Is Psychic Reading? How To Learn And Develop It
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