What Is A Tarot Reading And How The Cards Will Help Us?

Tarot card reading should never be taken as a game. In fact, reading the future through the tarot cards is a process that involves a lot of mental preparation, especially when the questions asked to the tarot give rise to an answer that can be difficult for both the tarot player and the consultant to digest.

A Tarot Reading To Make The Right Decisions

It should be borne in mind that, many people have complete confidence in the predictions that can be obtained from a circulation of cards, confidence that would be broken if the reading of the tarot was not done with total seriousness. Some of the main benefits of tarot are listed below.

How Does The Tarot Help Us?

Tarot should be understood as a system or method that shows different teachings to improve people’s behavior throughout their lives.

The tarot also works as a self-control system, providing guidelines for overcoming fears and acting as a guide that tries to provide information on how to deal with certain negative situations.

What Is A Tarot Reading?

You could say that, the tarot is like a mirror where the interior of each person is shown. One of the main benefits of tarot as a life guide is that it is able to transmit faith and hope.

It teaches how to handle situations, helps to free oneself from false illusions and makes it possible to find satisfactory and quick solutions to complex and possibly frozen problems.

In any case, the tarot does not give or say the last word, it only guides in each situation, it is the consultant who with his decisions and acts makes his own future.

It is necessary to highlight one of the main needs or concerns of human beings is to know what their future holds, especially in those situations where sensations and feelings play an important role.  That is why Tarot consultations are so necessary and useful and help us to be at peace with ourselves and to have patience.

How To Clear Up Your Doubts With Tarot Help

Really, Does The Tarot Predict The Future

The Tarot helps us to reflect and discern our personal doubts. With him we can do an excellent work of discernment. And maybe you’re wondering what exactly this word means right now.

Well, discernment has to do with the ability to understand in a multidimensional way any situation of our life, one that creates many doubts, reflecting on all the pros and cons before making a decision accordingly and that our definitive choice among all possible, is the most appropriate.

Discernment has the power to act as a filter, eliminating suggestions or conditions that sometimes influence us in a negative way, without allowing us the sufficient freedom we need to decide wisely.

Because sometimes, when doubts come up against us, the advice we can receive from others, rather than help, becomes obstacles that prevent us from being the real owners of our personal choices.

When we learn to discern, we develop the ability to make powerful decisions because it gives us the authority that our Self needs to make them. This is why, with the help of the Tarot, we can accurately reflect and discern, thus dispelling all doubts.

What Is A Tarot Spread?

Let’s begin by explaining what a Tarot spread is, since in order to carry out an exercise of reflection and discernment to clarify our doubts, it is an essential tool.

A circulation is like a scheme where the cards are strategically arranged and placed, so that they give concise answers to the questions we ask and provide essential information on the subject to be dealt with.

Free Tarot-A Look to the Future From Home

The main feature of a die roll is that the position each card occupies has a specific meaning. There is no position limit, as there are many different types of die rolls, some very basic and simple, while others are more elaborate and require a larger number of cards.

These can take various shapes and sizes: bridge, circle, horizontal, vertical, etc. The interpretation of the die roll depends precisely on this position and the nuance that is then made of it, according to the arcane that occupies this place.

Also, while reading the die roll, the combinations between all cards and their respective positions must be interpreted. This allows us to develop a narrative of the facts, identifying the people linked to the situation, as well as all the emotional, mental and physical aspects that intervene in it.

The Art Of Reading A Tarot Spread

This whole plot reveals a structure, which allows the reader to specify both the events and the causes and consequences of the whole process.

Cohering the whole story in a coherent way that is read in each issue, depends exclusively on the skill and expertise of the person making it, that is, the tarotist, who must also transmit it to the person who consults answering and clarifying all their doubts.

And this is the true art and magic that, behind the Tarot is hidden, because reading the cards is an art, but requires structure to carry it out, and that structure is provided by the spread.

Let’s say that the Tarot is the heart and mind, while the throw is the skeleton you need to take body. And the tarotist is the artist who unifies it and gives it form, printing his own personal style, vision and intuition that, like everything else, comes through the experience and talent of each tarotist.

Exercise Of Discernment To Clarify Your Doubts

The Tarot And The Future

Taking your favorite Tarot deck, carry out the following analysis using all the cards and having paper and pencil at hand to write down the reflections you are taking out. After shuffling for a moment while you mentally formulate the doubts you wish to clarify, you make a roll of seven cards in which each position will indicate the following:

  1. What is the situation at the present time?
  2. What are the tips imposed by others
  3. Other points of view to take into account the situation.
  4. What is the real reason for the situation to happen?
  5. What takes away my power of choice?
  6. What gives me power in the situation?
  7. Conclusion and how I can really solve the situation.

The following questions are set out below to help us reflect and discern. After answering these questions, make a list of possible positive decisions to be taken and another one in which you express your fears about these choices.

  • Are there any personal aspects that hinder the decision?
  • Does the decision directly affect other people? In what way?
  • What would your decision be based on this reflection?
  • What have you learned from the situation itself and from yourself after doing the exercise of discernment?

Remember that the discernment you make with this issue of Tarot is the one that will help you to know what is right for you and important and thus eliminate all doubts without letting anyone else, nothing but you, interfere in your final decision.

And it is that to carry out exercises like this one, represents a great tool for your own freedom of choice and your path towards internal peace, without doubt you eat inside and without allowing anyone to manipulate or control you in your final decisions, because an empty cup does not satisfy anyone’s thirst. But if you place your opinions, needs, fears and desires in other people’s glasses, yours will be empty without the power to choose.

What Is A Tarot Reading And How The Cards Will Help Us?
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